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Tameside and Glossop Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2011 - 2012



1. Overarching Indicators

  1. Life Expectancy

2. Improving the Wider Determinants of Health

  1. Children in Poverty
  2. School Readiness
  3. Absence from School
  4. First-time Entrance to the Youth Justice System
  5. 16-18 Year Olds Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEETs)
  6. People with Mental Illness and/ or Learning Disability in Settled Accommodation
  7. Proportion of Adults with Learning Disabilities, Mental Ill Health or Long Term Conditions in Employment
  8. Enhancing Quality of Life for People with Dementia
  9. Sickness Absence Rate
  10. Killed or seriously Injured Casualties on England’s Roads
  11. Violent Crime, Including Domestic Violence And Sexual Violence
  12. Reducing Re-Offending
  13. The Percentage Of The Population Affected By Noise
  14. Statutory Homelessness
  15. Utilisation Of Green Space For Exercise/Health Reasons
  16. Fuel Poverty And Excess Winter Deaths
  17. Social Connectedness
  18. Permanent Admissions To Residential And Nursing Care Homes And Delayed Transfers Of Care From Hospital
  19. Older People’s Perception Of Community Safety
  20. Social Care Related Quality Of Life
  21. Quality Of Life For Carers
  22. Quality Of Life For People With Long Term Conditions
  23. Children And Adults With Autism

3. Health Improvment

  1. Low Birth Weight And Infant Mortality
  2. Breastfeeding At 6-8 Weeks
  3. Tooth Decay In Children Aged 5
  4. Smoking Prevalence
  5. Under 18 Conceptions
  6. Excess Weight In Children And Adults
  7. Proportion of Physically Active and Inactive Adults
  8. Hospital Admissions Caused by Unintentional and Deliberate Injuries in the under 18s
  9. Emotional Well-Being Of Looked-After Children
  10. Diet
  11. Alcohol Related Illness
  12. Successful Completion Of Drug Treatment
  13. People Entering Prison With Substance Dependence Issues Who Are Previously Not Known To Community Treatment
  14. Recorded Diabetes
  15. Cancer Screening Coverage
  16. Access To Non-Cancer Screening Programmes
  17. Take-up of the NHS Health Checks Programme
  18. Self-Reported Well-Being
  19. Falls And Injuries In The Over 65s

4. Health Protection

  1. Air Pollution
  2. Chlamydia Diagnoses (15-24 year olds)
  3. Population Vaccination Coverage
  4. People Presenting With HIV At A Late Stage Of Infection
  5. Treatment Completion For Tuberculosis (TB)
  6. Public Sector Organisations With Broad-Approved Sustainable Development Management Plan (SDMP)
  7. Comprehensive, Agreed Inter-Agency Plans For Responding To Public Health Incidents
  8. Incidence Of Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI): MRSA And C. Difficile

5. Healthcare Public Health and Preventing Premature Mortality

  1. Under 75 Mortality Rate From All Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) And Improving Recovery From Stroke
  2. Under 75s Mortality Rate From Cancer
  3. Under 75 Mortality Rate From Respiratory Disease
  4. Mortality From Communicable Diseases
  5. Mortality And Hospital Admissions Due To Serious Mental Illness, Self Harm And Suicide
  6. Reducing Premature Death In People With Learning Disabilities
  7. Emergency Admissions/Readmissions And Unplanned Hospitalisation For Chronic Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions
  8. Unplanned Hospitalisation For Asthma, Diabetes And Epilepsy In Under 19s And Emergency Admissions For Children With Lower Respiratory Tract Infections
  9. Preventable Sight Loss
  10. Health-Related Quality Of Life For Older People
  11. Re-Ablement/Rehabilitation Of Older People Following Discharge From Hospital
  12. Access To GP Services
  13. Improving Access To NHS Dental Services
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